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August 29, 1998


June 14, 1999

Charter Class

  • Helaine Hiso
  • Lani Aquino
  • Rowena Carmona
  • Roniciel Joy Molano
  • Michelle L. Liwanag
  • Jaymee Romasanta

During the summer of 1998, Six Sisters wanted to follow in their footsteps and establish this foundation at Northern Illinois University. These Sisters wanted to make a difference in the University and the surrounding community. On August 29, 1998, Alpha Phi Gamma was colonized at Northern Illinois University. The Six Sisters who started the N.I.U. Beta Chapter are Helaine Hiso, Lani Aquino, Rowena Carmona, Roniciel Joy Molano, Michelle L. Liwanag, and Jaymee Romasanta.

These Sisters opened connections to the Alpha Chapter of Alpha Phi Gamma in Pomona, California, and even flew to Cal Poly Pomona for the weekend of initiation. They worked hard and remained committed to each other and to the sorority for the entire summer, and continue to strive to achieve the goals of Alpha Phi Gamma. The sorority was established to promote service and Asian Awareness to the University and to the community. Alpha Phi Gamma's basis is its pride in being open to new ideas and the understanding of the lifestyle of an Asian American Woman.

Alpha Phi Gamma also focused on other aspects such as philanthropy activities and socials. Some philanthropy activities the ladies of Alpha Phi Gamma associate with are, L.A. AIDS Walk, Orange County AIDS Walk, Race for the Cure, March of Dimes, House of Hope, and many more. The National Philanthropy for the sorority is the Fight Against Violence Toward Women. This is a cause that is not as strongly supported as other causes, but is a major concern for women. Our efforts are to volunteer with shelters and organizations, and to help raise funds for the cause.