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June 20, 2000


June 20, 2000


May 26, 2002

Charter Class

  • Annie Chiang
  • Haegyung Cho
  • Soogyung Cho
  • Jennifer Gardetto
  • Viet Huynh
  • Amy Lai

During the summer of 1999, six Sisters, Annie Chiang, Haegyung Cho, Soogyung Cho, Jennifer Gardetto, Viet Huynh, and Amy Lai wanted to follow the founders' footsteps and establish this foundation at the University of Arizona. On June 20, 2000 the ladies at the University of Arizona were granted Colony status and was the first Asian American Interest Sorority to be recognized at the University of Arizona, as well as in the state of Arizona. On May 26, 2002, The University of Arizona's Alpha Phi Gamma was granted Chapter Status and is now known as Delta Chapter.

These Sisters wanted to make a difference in the University and the surrounding community. They have all created this bond of sisterhood for all women of different nationalities to understand and assist the Asian American community in every possible way. Alpha Phi Gamma is not here to segregate themselves from anyone in the community or the university; they are here to help make its community stronger and more open-minded to different cultures. It is through the close bonds that the sorority is able to work together to achieve their goals.

The sorority is growing internally and may now focus on other aspects of the Asian American community and the University. Though friendships may come and go, Alpha Phi Gamma is here to stay, and the sisterhood will last a lifetime.