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May 23, 2002


October 12, 2002


May 28, 2006

Charter Class

  • Claire Chun
  • Alice Lau
  • Bernice Lau
  • Jane Chiapoco
  • Ilia Laquihon
  • Kelly Mui
  • Joan Jacinto

The history of Alpha Phi Gamma - Chicago Interest Group began as one young lady searched for potential interest to start an Asian-Interest Sorority. Claire Chun felt that there was a lack of Asian representation at her school and felt the need to expand the knowledge and power of Asian women to her University and community. She felt that the best way to do so was to start a sorority which would combine the values of Sisterhood, Asian Awareness, leadership, and philanthropy. At the beginning of Winter 2001, through an extensive search, Claire and nine other young women had the dedication to start a Charter Interest Group in their community. It was their similar interest and goals that made them come together to start the sorority that they felt had all the qualities and morals that they had envisioned. Alpha Phi Gamma was the sorority that they saw their future. On April 1, 2001, a new beginning grew as they received their bid to start Alpha Phi Gamma in their community. Obstacles were continuously placed in front of the young women, but they never gave up. On August 25, 2001, nine ladies began their journey into the Sisterhood that became the Charter "Chipettes" Class.

Throughout the trials and triumphs, the group persisted. They were taught the ideals that Alpha Phi Gamma cherished. The ladies grew together through Sisterhood activities, social engagements, and philanthropy and fundraising events. As a team, their leadership was developed and academic excellence was strived for. Through it all, the ladies of the Charter "Chipettes" Pledge Class saw all their hopes unfolding. On May 23, 2002, their dreams became a reality. Claire Chun, Alice Lau, Bernice Lau, Jane Chiapoco, Nina DeGuzman, Ilia Laquihon, Kelly Mui, and Joan Jacinto were welcomed into the sorority and everlasting Sisterhood becoming the Alpha Phi Gamma Charter "Chipettes" Class. The eight young women of the Charter Class based in Chicago, have now embarked on a "new beginning" that will forever last in their hearts. The ladies continue to work on bringing all the principles of Alpha Phi Gamma to their peers and community.