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May 28, 1999


May 28, 1999


January 21, 2006


July 18, 2009


Charter Class

  • Yung-Yi Hsieh
  • Jennifer Kuo
  • Elizabeth Morris
  • Kathy Pham
  • Sarah Wilcox

Re-Charter Class

  • Theresa Dinh
  • Amelia Hadisiswanto
  • Katie Huang
  • Jamie Kanki
  • Chung-Mei Kao
  • Paula Kim
  • Jollene Kuo
  • Anna Lim
  • Denise Link

The University of Missouri was started in the winter of 1999 by five young ladies; Yung-Yi Hsieh, Jennifer Kuo, Elizabeth Morris, Kathy Pham, and Sarah Wilcox. The inspiration for an Asian-American Sorority was led by Elizabeth Morris afer attending a MAASU (Mid-West Asian-American Student Union) Conference at the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor.

Through many phone calls and meetings, the foundation for Alpha Phi Gamma-MU was formed. With hard work and dedication, these five girls created an organization that promotes sisterhood, service, and Asian Awareness. In January 2006, the Gamma Class composed of Alice Chan, Theresa Dinh, Amelia Hadisiswanto, Katie Huang, Jamie Kanki, Chung-Mei Kao, Paula Kim, Jollene Kuo, Anna Lim, and Denise Link successfully rechartered Alpha Phi Gamma at the University of Missouri-Columbia Colony.