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April 25, 2010


April 25, 2010


June 16, 2012

Charter Class

  • Morgan Adams
  • Yvette Baron
  • Mishey Bolusan
  • Jillian-Joyce Candalla
  • Diane Sujung Choi
  • Jessica Dawana
  • Mariel De Jesus
  • Christiane Dolores
  • Jena Junsay
  • Jena Maynigo
  • Katrina Nicha
  • Christina Sabado
  • Leizell Joy Seligbon
  • Janessa Yumul

Determined to fill a void at the University of Nevada Las Vegas, fourteen women came together in the Spring of 2010 to bring Asian Awareness to their University. With the support of the Actives and one another, Morgan Adams, Yvette Baron, Mishey Lei Bolusan, Jillian-Joyce Candalla, Diane Choi, Jessica C. Dawana, Mariel Mendoza de Jesus, Christiane Arra Dolores, Jena Junsay, Jena Maynigo, Katrina Nicha, Christina Sabado, Leizell Joy Seligbon and Janessa Yumul were inducted as the Charter "Cookie Monster" Class of Alpha Phi Gamma on April 25, 2010. In doing so, these Sisters established the first Asian Greek sorority at the University as well as in the state of Nevada.

With many plans and aspirations to become one of the best sororities at UNLV, these Sisters strive to create eternal bonds by following the values set forth by Alpha Phi Gamma. These Sisters acknowledge the importance of academic excellence, Asian awareness, community involvement, personal development, and the potential for every woman to become a leader. The experiences and traditions that are formed shall become the cornerstone, truth, and strength for any woman seeking the everlasting Sisterhood of Alpha Phi Gamma.