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May 22, 2010


May 22, 2010



Charter Class

  • Aubrey Belford
  • Jacquelyn Calvin
  • Margeaux Huang
  • Jessica King
  • Kathleen Krilanovich
  • Esther Lai
  • Loan Lam
  • Jenny Lau
  • Christine Luc
  • Oanh Luc
  • Jennelyn Mercado
  • Krysta Pascual
  • Kristina Quintana
  • Jeannica Sacasas
  • Vicki Tam
  • Noveleenne Tuliao
  • Crystal Willis

The Colony of the University of Nevada, Reno began with the Charter Charger Girls Class in the Spring of 2011. These ladies wanted to bring diversity to the campus by promoting Asian awareness and supporting the fight against domestic violence. Their goal was to provide a sense of belonging for other young women to join their Sisterhood and friendship. This became an organization that defines them and their future endeavors.

On May 22, 2011, their determination and devotion to bring Alpha Phi Gamma to campus became a reality. The Colony became part of the Multicultural-Greek Council on July 23, 2011. These seventeen ladies are: Aubrey Belford, Jaci Calvin, Margeaux Huang, Jessica King, Kathleen Krilanovich, Esther Lai, Loan Lam, Jenny Lau, Christine Luc, Oanh Luc, Jennelyn Mercado, Krysta Pascual, Kristina Quintana, Jeannica Sacasas, Vicki Tam, Noveleenne Tuliao, and Crystal Willis.