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August 31 , 2003


August 31 , 2003


May 28, 2006

Charter Class

  • Marites Girado
  • Tracy Jimenez
  • An Luu
  • Shannel Mangao
  • Jasmine Maxwell
  • Kristen Mendiola
  • Olivia Nguyen
  • Mai Tran
  • Thanh Tran
  • Sheila Xiong

Michigan State University Alpha Phi Gamma's history was established on August 31, 2003 by ten strong and courageous women: Marites Girado, Tracy Jimenez, An Luu, Shannel Mangao, Jasmine Maxwell, Kristen Mendiola, Olivia Nguyen, Mai Tran, Thanh Tran, and Sheila Xiong. They carried with them the foundations and traditions set forth by the Seven Founders from California Polytechnic Institute, Pomona.

These women strived to achieve leadership and excellence in the Asian American community, as well as other communities on campus. The bonds of lifetime friendship and Sisterhood has been passed onto all who has come after them. On May 28, 2006, Michigan State University Colony was granted Zeta Chapter status by Alpha Phi Gamma's National Board.